It was 1980 when Rosato brothers, Lorenzo, Giuliano, Elvio and Giuseppe, decided to work together in a small work-room in Asolo, by assembling ski boots on behalf of the main brands in Montebelluna area ( as Scarpa, Nordica,etc.). Throughout the succeeding years the brothers felt more and more the desire and the need to open their market to new horizons; the subsequent continuous rise drove to enlarge the work-room in order to face the increasing market demand, to direct the efforts towards a greater specialization of the existing products and to broaden the offer with new items. In 1992 La Rocca started to produce even ice skates and in line skates with its own brand Roxa. Since today these articles are famous in all the World for the good connection between quality and price. The crucial landmark was laid in 2000 when Kneissl proposed to Rosato brothers to produce and assemble ski boots for the famous brands Raichle – Kneissl. This cooperation went on for 3 years. Another breakthrough was made in 2003, when keeping in mind their long experience in the ski boots production, Rosato brothers decided to develop a new series of molds for ski boots, and so they started a new collection with their own ROXA brand. This choice was a great success and contributed to the company growth. Today Roxa is one of the leading brands in ski boot sector and one of the most in demand in ice-skate and inline skates field and this has been possible thanks to long experience, passion for work, continuous ambition towards improvement and the precious collaboration with the world champion Marc Girardelli. Since 2003 Roxa has become the image of perfection, high performance and reliability, or more simply the symbol of Made in Italy.


Our Research & Development department is made by people with a great deal of technical experience who work on new products daily. These people stay informed about the sport business, invest in and seek out new materials, manufacturing, design and new technologies.


Our business strategy is to recruit and invest in motivated employees and support them to encourages creativity and ingenuity for problem solving. In our offices we engage ourself to know our business intimately by continually researching the market and communicating with all our partners.


Our company is using advanced, integrated computer systems. This way of working leads to greater process efficiency and to speed up the production system.


Sufficient stock levels of all our own products are important as delivery often occurs in a very short time after receiving the order. Our logistic strategy is to be flexible and fast.

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